Our Service Call Fee

Garage door service checks should be part of the annual maintenance schedule for your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners rarely, if ever, service their garage doors until after they break. That's totally okay and expected. Our service call fee is designed to protect you from unexpected costs. We also ensure a proper inspection of your situation is performed prior to fixes being implemented. This approach keeps costs down and trial and error at a minimum.

Our service call fee is $49.95 for jobs within 45-minutes drive from our main office near 540/Capital Boulevard in Raleigh. The service call covers:

Our Warranties

We make no excuses for poor quality work or parts. Our warranty covers both parts and LABOR for a full 3 years. There's not another home services company, let alone garage door service, in Raleigh that offers a labor warranty even close to ours. We're proud of our products. We're even more proud of our people. Our callback rate is less than 0.5%. That's 1 callback per 200 work orders. The goal is one visit to permanently correct the problem with your garage door system. If we have to revisit your home due to a faulty repair or part, there's no charge.

There's a reason folks talk well about us. We do things right the first time. And when there's a problem, we'll be there to make things right.

Same Day 24-hour Emergency Service

It doesn't matter when you need help. Just call. Weekend and after-hours rates apply (after 5pm and Saturday/Sunday).